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Creating a shortcode that handles collections of data

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Community Member, 5 Posts

25 May 2017 at 1:19am

Edited: 25/05/2017 1:21am

In my project I have a Feature class that extends DataObject. In Feature, I've defined a short code called `GetFeatureById`:

public static function GetFeatureById($arguments, $content = null, $parser = null, $tagName) {
    $id = (int)$arguments['id'];
    $feature = DataObject::get_by_id('Feature', $id);

    $arrayData = new ArrayData(array(
      'Title' => $feature->Title,
      'Content' => $feature->Description,
      'ImageURL' => $feature->Image()->url

    return $arrayData->renderWith('SingleFeatureTemplate');

This short code retrieves a single Feature by providing an id, and it works as expected.
What I'm trying to do now is define a second shortcode `GetFeatures` that allows a user to pass in one to many parameters and renders 1 or more Features that match the parameters passed in. For example:

[get_features, section="foobar", limit=4]

would render a page of 4 Features that belong to the "foobar" section on the page. Here is the code I presently have to accomplish this:

public static function GetFeatures($arguments, $content = null, $parser = null, $tagName) {
    $limit = isset($arguments['limit']) ? (int)$arguments['limit'] : '';
    $filter = isset($arguments['section']) ? $arguments['section'] : '';
    $sort = isset($arguments['sort']) ? $arguments['sort'] : '';

    if ($filter == '') {
      $listOfFeatures = Feature::get()->sort($sort)->limit($limit);
    } else {
      $listOfFeatures = Feature::get()->filter(array('Section.Title' => $filter))->sort($sort)->limit($limit);

    return $listOfFeatures->renderWith('MultipleFeatureTemplate');

Here is my MultipleFeatureTemplate:

<% loop $Me %>
  <div class="col-md-4">
<% end_loop %>

This works just fine (except I have no clue why I have to use $Me in my template to get it to work, but whatever). However, I don't know how to get access to each Feature's image. The relationship between Feature and Image is `has_one`. In the GetFeatureById shortcode I'm explicitly setting the `$ImageURL` variable for use in the template. I'm not sure how to accomplish this with the GetFeatures shortcode, however. Trying the following:

<% loop $Me %>
  <div class="col-md-4">
    <img src=$Image->url />
<% end_loop %>

Results in properly displaying the Title and Description, but the url for the <img> does not get interpreted correctly. I have looked over the documentation for short codes multiple times and I haven't read anything that describes how to deal with rendering collections of DataObjects into a template that loops over that collection. Can anyone provide insight on how this might be done?