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26 July 2017 at 9:13pm

In this section, we will describe the complementary details of the screwdriver and explain the reasons for how the screwdriver screw is run and explain the key points.
The Zarrin Sub team is well-versed in the field of screw-dowel scaffolds, and is well-known among its competitors, due to its commitment to work and the use of labor-intensive tools and labor.
Call us for a bolt screw.
Bolt screw

The facade of each building represents the beauty of the building. The relationship we make with the building is the building's facade. In case of buying and selling real estate, the building's appearance after the interior design is the second option for customers. This point in buildings and towers. High elevations can not be viewed and used to prevent accidents caused by rock falls and strengthen the facade of the building using a screwdriver screw to eliminate the dangers of life and damage caused by the collapse of facade rocks.
Most of the building's facades are vulnerable and over time they are in difficulty and create a lot of danger for passers-by and residents of buildings, and at this time the screwdriver screwdriver finds its meaning.
Overall screw anchors facade piece is a strap systems that are used Azpych coated with a length of 6 cm and steel dowels that Azfybr or plastic that has no screws, no weight can not bear the Sakhtarpych dowels The faces make.

Be careful that the dowel screw next to a nanoscope can make your facade safe, beautiful and lasting.
Items that need to be checked before the dowel screw is connected:
The first part before the screw dowel is examined. The type and color of the stone used in the facade of the building, which includes the dimensions of stone, stones and stone stones, as well as the method of making stone And the stone laying should also be investigated.
The stone's strength depends on the structure and wall of the facade on which it is located. After reviewing the above, the tools should be selected and the appropriate panel should be selected to perform the reinforcement of the building's facade by screwing the screws.
If the above are not met, causing damage to the building by tensions by unauthorized (Hilti, etc.) and Tzyf strength facade, which causes loss Srytrnma that this must be highly qualified individuals with experience in this area given .

In the execution of the screw dowel, the facade of the building is stained, which is fixed by the padding of the screws, which makes the stain in the sight.
How to make a roller shutter screw

Every 50 cm from the facade of the screw is installed, if the width of the facade is less than 50 cm, on each of the plates is duplicated.
To keep the stone faces wider than 10 centimeters wide, they can be pierced by a conventional drill with a screwdriver screw, in some cases including columns or window frames, to prevent stone sinking. that the concrete under the rock reached by a hammer drills with high precision concrete holes and stones by screw anchors facing strong will and by ties of colored stone facade on all screw anchors facing out to the beautiful appearance of the building have a negative impact not.
Now if a part of the building's facade has fallen, they will work with the screwdriver screw to fix it:

کفسابی سنگ
نماشویی با طناب
پیچ رولپلاک نما

First, the locality cleansing the stone and all the rubble left from the stone carefully removed without any damage to the faces of the faces are removed. Now the back of the stone is replaced by a tool called a milling stone, and then with a glue The ceramic, white powder and white cement are filled and carefully installed at the desired location, then an 8-centimeter screw is used to ensure its strength.
Finally, using special ceramic adhesives, white stone and white powder, they cover the remaining seams to prevent the water from penetrating into the back of the alternative stones, and reinforce it using a roller shutter screw.