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E-Commerce Modules /

Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
Ecommerce, SS Shop, SilverCart and SwipeStripe
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Which E-Commerce Module is the most official and which should I use?

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14 May 2015 at 10:50pm

Edited: 15/05/2015 12:50am

First of all I'm incredibly grateful that Silverstripe exists and to all of the amazing people who work on the core development of the framework. It is truly outstanding and I love it to bits. I'm unfortunately not in a position to help with the core development but I have assisted others with bug fixes here and there along the way and I hope to continue doing this.

I'm a little confused as to which E-Commerce Module is the best one to use for a new project. Is one of these anymore "official" than any of the others?

Silvercart seems tied to SS v2.4. It's a private venture too.

Swipestripe is v3 and pretty robust but development seems to have stagnated in 2015.

SS-Shop seems, to me, to have leapfrogged over where Swipestripe was and seems to be supported by some of the core Silverstripe team? Am I right? It's similarly structured but has improved features.

Which one am I best to commit to using?

Have they already or is there a plan to get the excellent Swipestripe and SS-Shop developers to all work on the same project?

The reason I ask is that I did build a prototype shop using Swipestripe last year but with the state of SS-Shop now being more advanced and updated more often and Swipestripe seemingly not getting so much attention I'm looking at migrating the data over to SS-Shop. Am I wise to do that?

Any input appreciated.

Many thanks


Community Member, 419 Posts

15 May 2015 at 12:31am

Which E-Commerce Module is the most official and which should I use?

None of them and either SS-Shop or SwipeStripe.

Longer answers:
SS-Shop is a maintained fork of the original (official) e-commerce module.
SwipeStripe was written by a guy who is now employed by SS Ltd. It's semi-official in a way I guess. About as close as it comes to it these days.


Community Member, 14 Posts

15 May 2015 at 12:39am

Thanks for your swift reply Pyromanik.

It's going to be a tough decision then. I'm leaning towards SS-Shop purely because of the active development.

Do you know if there are any other mature Ecommerce modules for Silverstripe just in case I missed the best one somehow?


Community Member, 14 Posts

15 May 2015 at 12:44am

I've found Mr SwipeStripe now:

I think SwipeStripe is dead in the water now it's talented creator is busy at HQ.

Thanks for your help.


Community Member, 419 Posts

15 May 2015 at 1:04am

Yes and no.
I'm fairly sure it has been used internally, but of course it's now more an issue of it getting worked on only when there's a need for it in a commercial project.

It's the reason tankr changed the license to open source, he knew that would be the case.
Although as you say, ss-shop wasn't so advanced then either. Jedateach has come a way with it I hear from a few sources.


Community Member, 27 Posts

9 June 2015 at 3:03am

Gelert, I'm one of the maintainers of SS-Shop. I think this discussion is pretty accurate. I would suggest you download both SwipeStripe and SS-Shop and see which fits your needs and style best. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by, where both myself and Jeremy are happy to help you get off the ground. If you do decide to go with SS-Shop, we'd also love to hear about your experience of getting off the ground, where the pain points were and how that experience could be improved and documented better. Best of luck!